Flight Student Visa

Follow our 11-step admission and enrollment guide. International Flight Students are required to obtain an M1 Flight Student Visa to engage in flight training.

M1 Visa and I-20

After the enrollment and admission is completed and all required documents have been received, one of our Aviation Academy’s Designated School Officials will issue the DHS Form I-20.

Tuition Funds

To issue the DHS Form I-20, we will perform a brief interview to ensure the required English language proficiency. A proof of available funds for tuition, housing and living expenses is required.

Flight Student Visa

Non-US citizens receiving flight training in the United States generally need a flight student visa. Given events of the recent past, flight training is monitored especially closely. The purpose of your visit to the United States determines what visa you will need. If you are traveling to the United States solely for flight training, you are considered a student, and you will need a flight student visa. Please contact the US embassy in your home country, your local US consulate, or the Department of State to determine what kind of visa you will need for your trip. Begin planning for your arrival and stay in Florida well in advance. Some U.S. embassies have wait times of a couple of weeks to apply for a visa interview. The visa requirements sound a lot worse than they actually are. But don’t worry–the visa application process is simpler than it sounds. Along with your training application, we will send a detailed description how to apply for an I-20 form and obtain your M1 student visa.

  • 2

  • Upload a copy of your Passport in our enrollment form

  • 3

  • We write up a quote for tuition fees, housing and living expenses.

  • 4

  • You send us proof of sufficient funds like bank statement, savings account, parents bank statement or confirmation letter from the bank

  • 5

  • We issue Form I-20

    • You will need the Sevis Nxxx number for the next step
    • The DHS Form I-20 will be emailed as PDF
  • 6

  • Pay Sevis I-901 fee of $350 to Sevis click here. You will need Form I-20 from us to do this.

  • 8

  • Set up an appointment for a personal interview with your local U.S. embassy or consulate online.
    click here

  • 9

  • Have a photo taken for your visa. You cannot use regular photos. Please check the requirements here

  • 10

  • Personal interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate

  • 11

  • After passing the interview, the U.S. embassy will send you the M1 flight student visa along with your passport to your home address in few days

  • 12

  • You must apply for a TSA CAT 3 training event prior to your arrival, as TSA processing can take up to 2 weeks. Please register here

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Alien Flight Student Program

Learn more about the TSA application needed for your flight training click here. The TSA application must be submitted prior to your arrival at our flight school. TSA processing can take up to 2 weeks.

Check Visa Appointment

Check Visa appoinment wait times click here

Study in the States Website

When studying in the United States, this website has important information about M1 flight student requirements. click here

M1 Flight Student Visa required

  • Stand Alone FAA License – EASA to FAA Full License
  • Flight Training for a new license or rating
  • Obtaining additional Ratings
  • Flight Instructor Training

M1 Flight Student Visa not required

  • Foreign Pilot License Validation
  • Restricted foreign based License
  • Flying Vacation and Hour Building
  • Checkout w/ Flight Instructor
  • Acquisition of an Endorsement

Designated School Official

Calebe Pereira Da Silva

Designated School Official

Bettina Ruhrmann