• Superior flight school India

    Learn to fly with one of the best commercial flight school, flight academies and pilot schools in India. Our fast track flight training programs can be completed within 4-6 months. Earn your commercial pilot training certificate in as little as 111 hours. Our airline pilot course is the best in the aviation industry. The fast-track Certified Flight Instructor Program is the best in the aviation industry. We are one of the top Aviation Schools in India . Find a flight school near me: From PPL Private Pilot, Instrument Rating to ATP Airline Pilot, we are your air flight school.

  • International Flight Students

    As the one of the best flight schools,  flying school, flight academy, flight training centers and FAA Part 141 pilot school and DGCA flying schools for international flight students, we are approved to enroll non-immigrant international flight students. We offer FAA Part 61 and FAA Part 141 flight training from DGCA Pilot Ground School, Private Pilot License (PPL), Instrument Rating (IR) to Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Multi Engine Rating and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Enroll in our commercial pilot flight training program in 11 easy steps and start your Commercial Pilot Career today.

  • Commercial Pilot School Flight Training

    The Commercial Pilot course (CPL) takes about 5-8 months to complete. With our fast-track Pilot School Program, future airline pilots can jump-start their career as a Commercial Pilot today at our flight school and pilot school India. We are the best flight international flying school and  best flight school for international students in India.

  • India EASA ATPL Flight School

    Get your EASA ATP Pilot Certificate at our India Aviation Academy and ATP Flight School for EASA, one of the best flight academies in India, and EASA ATPL commercial pilot school. As one of a few flight academies in the India, we provide EASA ATPL modular airline pilot training in USA. Discover why Florida Flyers is considered the best Indian aviation school.

  • Airline Pilot School Program

    At our flight academy, flight training center and pilot school, we provide direct entry airline pilot pathways  with our Airline Pilot ATP Program and have partnered with many regional airlines and air carriers. We are one of the best pilot schools and flight academies in India and the first choice for domestic and international airline pilot training.

  • Flying School India programs

    Enroll today and start with the Private Pilot License PPL, to Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Multi Engine Rating to Certified Flight Instructor CFI. With a large aircraft fleet of Cessna and Piper flight training aircraft, we are your #1 flight academy and flight school in Florida. Contact us today to receive your personalized flight training pricing quote.

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Florida Flyers Flight School
Best Flight Academy and Commercial Flight School India

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Which flight school is best in India?

Selecting the right, best flight school in India, pilot school, flight academy, flying school or aviation academy for your aviation training can be very challenging. Chosing between the different flight schools in India can be difficult. Important factors to consider are the international and domestic flight training programs offered, approved fast-track flight training courses, such as our 111 hour commercial pilot course and the pilot school training fees associated with your flight training. At our Pilot School, airline pilot training programs are the most competively priced ones in India. Especially for international flight students. Flight training aircraft and certified flight instructor CFI availablity is also very important. Start your flight training with Florida Flyers, the #1 rated Indian Aviation Academy. Learn to fly today!

How long is flight school?

How long is flight school? Become a commerical pilot within 4-6 months or less. We offer multiple FAA approved Part 141 and EASA ATO airline pilot flight training courses as well as private pilot, instrument rating, commercial pilot  and certified flight instructor training for domestic and international flight students. With our international India pilot training, professional pilot flight training programs and courses, we provide the most efficient pilot training programs in India at reasonable flight training fees. Enroll in our professional airline pilot courses and learn how to fly in modern flight training aircraft in sunny Florida, USA. Start your pilot career with the best flight academy.

India Pilot School Training fees

The Florida Flyers Pilot School  and flight training center training fees are the most competitive flight school fees in India.  Our commercial pilot and airline pilot training courses are priced for the complete flight training package. Flight students starting from zero flight experience up to Commercial Pilot Multi Engine or CFI Certified Flight Instructor have multiple flight training program options. Our international flight training programs includes all tuition fees, fees for the M1 visa and the cost of flight student living while training at our international flight academy in India.

Airline Pilot Training

We have sucessfully trained thousands of domestic and international pilots. Many of our graduates have been hired by airlines around the world and are currently working as airline pilots with domestic and international airlines. At our airline career training campus and Florida flight academy, we do not only provide flight training, but we prepare our flight students for their future as airline pilot and airline career. Florida Flyers has an outstanding reputation for providing first-class airline pilot training to its flight students. As an airline pilot, standarized procedures and SOP’s are fundamental. The flight training at our international flight school is very similiar to your future airline pilot training and career. From the use of aircraft checklists, following SOP’s and standard procedures to the proper wear of pilot uniforms, every step of our professional flight training program will prepare you for a seamless transition into an airline cockpit and environment.

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